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Babystart¨ FertilFocusª Ovulation Microscope


Babystart¨ FertilFocusª Ovulation Microscope

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The babystart¨ FertilFocus is a high-quality saliva-based fertility test (or personal ovulation microscope) that allows you to predict ovulation with accuracy. The perfect helper for trying-to-conceive couples. babystart¨ FertilFocus is a reusable ovulation predictor test, meaning you receive unlimited tests in one high-quality, low-cost personal ovulation microscope. The microscope comes with complete instructions and an ovulation fertility chart for tracking results! Getting the hang of the microscope takes no time at all. With a powerful glass 60X lens and gentle LED light, just focus the eyepiece to view your test result. For best results, test in the morning before eating or drinking or brushing your teeth, and then record results on a calendar or fertility chart. Soon, you will recognise the unique saliva patterns that indicate infertile, fertile, and transitional periods.

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