Fertility Friendly Lubricants - Why you should choose carefully!

Posted by The Babystart Team on 15th Apr 2019

Fertility Friendly Lubricants - Why you should choose carefully!

If you’ve only just started the baby-making journey or have been trying to conceive for a while you’ll all know there is now a lot more science and planning involved than there used to be. The main premise still hasn’t changed (having sex makes a baby!), however timing, diet, exercise and supplements can all play a part in the process.

One thing you may not realise can affect the process is the lubricant you use. Most people will recognise the use of a lubricant during intercourse allows it to be a more comfortable and pleasurable experience for the couple however not all lubricants are equal!

This is now where is gets a bit more technical if you’re trying to get pregnant. Some of the popular brands of lubricant you’ll all know of, can actually be harmful to sperm which starts making your goal of getting pregnant even harder to reach. Specialist sperm friendly lubricants such as FertilSafe Plus are proven to be non-toxic to sperm and are designed to mimic the natural chemical balance and lubrication fluids of the vagina ensuring sperm can still travel where it needs to. Our FertilSafe Plus lubricant is also Paraben and Glycol free (if you’re thinking "should I know what that means?" don’t worry if you don’t! Now you can be aware being Paraben and Glycol free is a good thing).

Fertility friendly lubricants aren’t the be all and end all to the fascinating baby-making process however FertilSafe Plus is available to still make it satisfying during intercourse and after - knowing you've used a product that won't harm or affect sperm quality.

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